Our Website Development Experience

See examples of our website development here. You’ll see many websites there, and that’s not even the half of what we’ve done! Small companies, mid-sized businesses, mega-million moguls, ad agencies – isiteWeb has worked with them all. Producing HTML, Flash and e-commerce web sites for consumers, business to business, and retail clients in dozens of areas through out the US.

That’s the kind of experience you can rely on, no matter what you want to do on the web. But don’t take our word for it. To find out what our clients have to say about isiteWeb, go to our testimonials page.

Web Design Options?

  • Want to add a page or two to your existing site? No job is too small for us.

  • Interested in building a site with measurable results? We’ve got some ideas.

  • Need a start-up site on a shoestring budget? Our sites won’t necessarily break the bank – not even the piggybank.

  • Looking to handle copy changes yourself, but want us to do the more advanced work? iSiteWeb is happy to co-manage sites at a reasonable hourly rate.

The Web Development Steps

iSiteWeb follows a defined process in the work we do, with clear deliverables, tasks and timelines for each phase of development. They are as follows:

Phase I – Understanding the Job At Hand
This is the discovery phase, when we ask the hard questions, like:

  • What do you want the website to do for you?

  • Who is your audience? What is their sophistication level? What are their expectations of the site? Who are we talking to – male or female, age, income level?

  • What is your message?

  • Who is your competition? How do you compare to them?

  • What other sites do you like?

  • Will you supply the words for the site, or do we need to introduce you to our writer?

The answers to these questions will create a tactical roadmap for us to follow and help us make strategic decisions about how best to achieve your goals.

Phase II – The Big Idea
Armed with information, next it’s time for inspiration. This is when our designers provide you with ideas about how the site might look and work. In addition to page layouts, we will also provide you with a detailed site map to determine your site’s architecture. At the end of this phase, you will have decided on the look of your site, and we will have identified all of the pages that will need to be constructed.

Phase III – Bricks and Mortar
This is the implementation part of the project, which is, by far, the most time-consuming. During this phase, we will do the following:

  • Get content written and approved, or obtain it from you.

  • Construct the navigation architecture. Be advised that iSiteWeb believes in static navigation that is consistent on every page. (This avoids the need to hit the back button ten times to get home!)

  • Propagate all pages with graphics and content. This may include us taking photographs for you or having artwork done.

  • Code all technical requirements, including any e-commerce functions or interactive components

  • Build in the necessary elements for good SEO, and more...

  • Add the fun stuff – like Flash, dynamic menus, streaming audio or video, etc.

Phase IV – Getting It Right
The building of the site is followed by the testing of it – again, and again, and again. We make sure the site works flawlessly, and unlike other firms, we check it for both Mac andPC compatibility. You can count on our sites to provide quick loading and proper display across all major browsers and operating systems.