About isiteWeb

It’s about good business.

It isn’t “cool” to create a website that just sits there looking good. It’s our job to do more. Every website we create must be workable in the extreme, with fast and easy navigation that doesn’t get in the way of the job the site has to do – ever. For us, that means website development that drives profit as well as traffic. We’re not interested in making ourselves look good – we’re interested in making you money. Which is also why we’re one of the best web design values out there.

It’s about sleeping at night.

Paychecks aside, every one of us at isiteWeb shows up every day because he wants to. We care about what we do, and we work hard to give you our best, no matter the budgets, or the deadlines. Which we make a point to meet, by the way.

It’s about answering the phone.

We’ve got a thing about personal attention. You get it, no matter what, and almost no matter when. (See #2 above.) We won’t not answer the phone or avoid your e-mails. We won’t sell you technology you don’t need. And we won’t ignore your input. We’ll just give you our best, day after day. And that includes our honest opinion when you ask for it.

It’s about protecting your information.

Client confidentiality is important to us. We take our access to your business information seriously, and keep it closely guarded.

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